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Boston Education World,Inc, a prominent Educational counseling company would like to invite you to an unique opportunity of studying in highly specialized programs for international students and their parents during Thanksgiving break. We would offer fully systemized Academic enrichment programs and standardized test prep programs and specially designed various recreational activities would make students be excited!

 ►Special 1!

 1. Staying at a Luxury Hotelhttp://www.sonesta.com/Burlington/

We would try to reduce most parents’ anxieties in students’ safety and comfortable conditions during the days by staying in a Luxury Hotel under the well trained BEW staff’s 24 hours of caring and well-managed services. 

►Special 2!

 1. Class with Previous Real SAT1 Test Problems!

 2. Tuition Saving Benefit!

For more efficient and competitive class choice, we are trying to provide mostly needed courses for the students who are planning to take standardized test soon. And up to 20% of tuition saving opportunity will be given to the students applying to multiple class courses.

 ►Special 3!

      1. Presentation on Secondary & College Admission Process!

 2. A Bull Session with IVY students

BEW is holding truly helpful events for students on making academic courses and college(Secondary)admission plans in the future. A bull session with IVY students will give students the inspiration of successful academic life at school. 


►Special 4!

 1. Recreational Activities! Blow all your stress away!

The 2012 Thanksgiving program with the recreational activities including Sport games, Movies, Musical performance and college tour is fully harmonized combination. We believe that we can provide most meaningful, energetic, and exciting programs to students. 

Please refer to the attachment for more information below.

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