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Why are you drawn to the area(s) of study you indicated in our Member Section, earlier in this application? If you are “undecided” or not sure which Brown concentrations match your interests, consider describing more generally the academic topics or modes of thought that engage you currently. (150 word limit)


Some schools offer students the opportunity to take national exams in areas such as math and language. These exams include, but are not limited to, AIME, AMC 10, Le Grand Concours, National Spanish Exam, National Latin Exams. If you have taken any of these exams (or any other subject-based national or international examinations), please inform us of the exams and scores you find most meaningful.


Tell us where you have lived - and for how long - since you were born; whether you've always lived in the same place, or perhaps in a variety of places. (100 word limit)


We all exist within communities or groups of various sizes, origins, and purposes; pick one and tell us why it is important to you, and how it has shaped you. (150 word limit)


Why Brown? (200 word limit)


Briefly describe which single activity listed in the Activity section of your Common Application represents your most meaningful commitment and why. (150 words or less)


List the required readings from courses during the school year or summer that you enjoyed most in the past year. (150 words or less)


List the books read for pleasure that you enjoyed most in the past year. (150 words or less)


List the print or electronic publications you read regularly. (150 words or less)


List the films, concerts, shows, exhibits, lectures and other entertainments you enjoyed most in the past year. (150 words or less)


Please tell us what you found meaningful about one of the above mentioned books, publications or cultural events. (300 words or less)


Please tell us what you find most appealing about Columbia and why. (300 words or less)


[Columbia College]

For applicants to Columbia College, please tell us what from your current and past experiences (either academic or personal) attracts you specifically to the field or fields of study that you noted in the Member Questions section. If you are currently undecided, please write about any field or fields in which you may have an interest at this time. (300 words or less)


[Fu Foundation School of Engineering]

For applicants to The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, please tell us what from your current and past experiences (either academic or personal) attracts you specifically to the field or fields of study that you noted in the Member Questions section. (300 words or less)



Please review our instructions on supplementary materialsand note that submission is not required. If you are submitting a science research abstract, please upload it here.


[College of Arts and Sciences]

Describe two or three of your current intellectual interests and why they are exciting to you. Why will Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences be the right environment in which to pursue your interests? (Please limit your response to 650 words.)


[Hotel Administration]

Hospitality is the largest industry in the world and includes sectors such as hotel operations, food and beverage management, real estate finance, marketing, and law. Considering the breadth of our industry, please describe what work and non-work experiences, academic interests, and career goals influenced your decision to study hospitality management. How will these contribute to your success at the School of Hotel Administration? (Please limit your response to 650 words.)


[Industrial and Labor Relations]

Tell us about your intellectual interests, how they sprang from your course, service, work or life experiences, and what makes them exciting to you. Describe how these interests may be realized and linked to the ILR curriculum. (Please limit your response to 650 words.)



Tell us about an engineering idea you have, or about your interest in engineering. Describe how your ideas and interests may be realized by—and linked to—specific resources within the College of Engineering. Finally, explain what a Cornell Engineering education will enable you to accomplish. (Please limit your response to 650 words.)


[College of Agriculture and Life Sciences]

How have your interests and related experiences influenced the major you have selected in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences? (Please limit your response to 650 words.)


[Human Ecology]

What do you value about the College of Human Ecology's perspective, and the majors that interest you, as you consider your academic goals and plans for the future? (Please limit your response to 650 words.)

[Architecture, Art, and Planning]

Why are you excited to pursue your chosen major in AAP? What specifically about AAP and Cornell University will help you fulfill your academic and creative interests and long-term goals? (Please limit your response to 650 words.)


Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below. (250 words max)

[U Penn]

The Admissions Committee would like to learn why you are a good fit for your undergraduate school choice (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, The Wharton School, or Penn Engineering). Please tell us about specific academic, service, and/or research opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania that resonate with your background, interests, and goals. (400-650 words)

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