Professional Guardian

A distinguished service that provides overall supervision in short and long term goal strategies, test preparation, extracurricular and free time management, and weekend/break planning which produces admission into the most prestigious schools in the country.
  • Diverse and wide range of experience
  • Detailed knowledge of the current education system
  • Strong sense of duty
  • Professional and conscious of satisfying the needs of both parents and students
  • Fluent in English

Global Guardian Network System

A network system that assists parents in overseeing their child’s academic and living situations.
  • Close ties with schools and teachers in most areas of the US
  • Competent teachers
  • Proper educational counsel and guidance
  • Varied and vast experience
  • Limited and carefully selected
  • Numerous school visits and arranged meetings

Online Guardian System

An online system that allows parents to conveniently check school news, allowance spending, and their child’s weekend/vacation plans.
  • Provide monthly official events notice by email or web site

Member Community

A community based on years of guardianship experience that shares information and offers assistance to those studying abroad.
  • Diverse programs provided to meet students’ needs
  • Close ties with various volunteer service organizations
  • Own Math competition team
  • Own Science and Art web site
  • Quick and precise task performance
  • Service oriented by Boston Education