Program Goals

Summer programs typically offer a wider range of choice and diversity compared to winter programs. The winter break provided in US schools usually only lasts a few weeks and is meant for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Thus, in reality there are no prepared camps during winter break. As a result, here at Boston Education, we present the “Real School Experience Camp” to assist students and parents interested in or preparing to study abroad.


Experiencing U.S School System 

  • Practical study abroad experience
  • Meet various professionals and students from prestigious schools
  • Make American friends through Buddy System
  • Concentrated English studies and improvement of other study abilities
  • Friendly and warm care
  • Participating in free classroom  presentation

English Enrichment Program

  • Intensive English Reading/Writing Class
  • Drilling critical thinking and reasoning skill through debate class
  • Current Middle and High school teachers assisting with homework  and projects
  • Free Classroom Presentation by student
  • Group Project Competition with Mentors.

An opportunity to draw up a blueprint for future

  • Immersing in one of the most advanced and broad educational systems in the world
  • Meeting and sharing information about student’s life in the U.S. with Korean students in top U.S Schools
  • Experiencing daily lives of Americans and their child education
  • Observing the future science from the world most advanced science institutions.