Tuition & Financial Aid


3Weeks Residential Program for International students
  Due Dates Amount
Application fee June.1.2012 $100
Tuition Deposit Upon Acceptance $1,000
Final Payment June. 29. 2012 $2,900

Day program for local students
  1week 2weeks 3weeks
Robotics & Engineering(3h)   $450  
English Reading & Debating(2h) $150 $300 $450
Advanced Math (AMC8) : 6th – 8th G (3h) $225    
Diverse Science & Math : 4th – 5th G (3h) $225    


Financial Aid

Boston Education World provides financial aid for participating students from the area. All student aid is based on financial aid determined from Financial Documents provided by parents. A limited amount of financial aid is available, and financial awards are made on a rolling basis, so we encourage those who are interested to apply early. Please note that until the final decision on financial aid is made, all documents need to be completed and turned in and tuition deposit is required beforehand. Please submit the following forms with the program application form.

Financial Aid application form
• A copy of your 2011 signed Federal income tax return
• A statement describing why you feel Financial Aid should be awarded to your child.