Various customized services:

Our College Processing team in BEW provides not only general support for processing of college admission, but also provides various and unique customized services for students based on lots of experiences and knowledge.
  • From High school in U.S to College in U.S (F1 Visa, Permanent Resident, and U.S Citizens)
  • From High school in Korea to College in U.S.
  • From High school in England/Canada/China and etc. to College in U.S.
  • From High School in U.S to College in different countries such as Canada/England/Hongkong/China and etc.
  • When "Postgraduate" student in U.S applies for College
  • What is Postgraduate?
    This is an option for a student who has just finished senior year of High school and yet extending one more school year in order to meet the standard requirement of desired college. By taking this option, students work on the necessary requirements for applying for preferred college. Also, a student who wants to apply for college through Sports-recruiting can take this option when there is not enough space available for admission in college. Our team in BEW provides good services such as helping to choose right curriculum, scheduling tutoring, and application for those students so that they can take such a productive year in order to admit to preferred college.
  • Students who consider “Gap Year”
  • What is Gap Year?
    Gap Year is taking a year off after graduating High School for detailed planning for College, looking back High School years for better future planning, and sharpening the personal vision. If a student did not achieve preferred performance for applying college, then he or she can take this “Gap Year” option for further planning. During the “Gap Year” students can take internship, volunteer work, and many other different programs in order to meet the requirements for admission to desired college. Our team in BEW provides all these various services and help students to accomplish these goals.
  • Students who took off one or more years of High School and return to High School then applying for college.
  • Students who have experiences of repeating the same grade
  • Students who transfer High School more than twice.
  • Students who have experiences of receiving academic or behavioral probation.
  • Students who want to apply for specialized College (Dental, Medical, and etc)
  • Students who want to be recruited for Art/Music/Sports...
  • Students who want to apply for college where one of the parents attended previously or the same college where their siblings attend currently
  • Students who is the first person in their family applying for college
  • Students who finished Military service in Korea and applying for college in U.S.
  • Students who have some other geographical factors or intangible factors
  • Students who consider “transfer”
What is “transfer”?
If a student is not accepted into desired college, student can attend one of other schools certain period of time where he or she is accepted. Then at the second or third year, student can reapply and transfer to the desired school. Our team in BEW provides this service to students so that students can study in their desired colleges and achieve their goal. We have many cases actually students transfer into some Ivy League schools or very competitive schools.
Types of Transfer:
  • From two year Community College to four year universities and colleges
  • From four year Colleges to four year colleges
  • From colleges in U.S. to colleges in Korea.
  • From colleges in Korea to Graduate level school in U.S.
  • From colleges in U.S to Graduate schools in U.S

Above examples are the major and general services that we provide in BEW. And also we provide many other detailed and customized services to students.

Specialized in College counseling:

  • Counseling with previous/current admission director in college
  • Providing various different cases of admission and experiences
  • securing close and confidential relationship between applicant and counselor
  • Genuine counseling system based on precise and up to date information and knowledge.

Naviance System

The Naviance System is a useful tool for students and parents involved with college research. It is also used by most US schools. Based on years of accumulated data, our own Naviance System provides systematic and verified statistics for students and parents. By managing admission data from past students, we provide accurate and tested information to assist in college selection. Also, data collected in the Naviance System allows students to find out which schools are within their reach, likely and possible, by simply entering their GPA and test scores.
Our college processing team will continue to use the Naviance System to provide accurate and methodical college entrance preparation and guidance.

Example of Scattergram using Naviance System:


Academic Index (AI):

Academic Index is a system for top ranked colleges including Ivy League schools to measure academic achievements of applicant students. Originally AI has been used for Sports Recruiting but eventually used for measuring students’ academic ranking. Our team in BEW provides accurate evaluation services using Academic Index system. Through this evaluation, students may obtain some close ideas where their current academic ranks are for applying colleges.

* The way to measure AI
(Best CR + Best W + Best M) / 3 = 80
(Best SAT 2 + Best SAT 2 + Best SAT 2) / 3 = 80
       +                    CRS (Converted Rank Score) = 80
Academic Index (= Ivy Index = Athletic Index) = 240

College Process Road Map