Q. What is Buddy system?

A: Buddy system is one to one matching system that matches a student to American student so that a student can get practical help from his or her American friend throughout his or her school life. They can build up true friendship each other while the program is running and also for life long friendship.

Q. How many students do you recruit?

A: It really depends on the size of each school, but approximately somewhere less than 20 students.

Q. May an introverted student get along well with Buddy System Program?

A: Actually the purpose of ‘Buddy System’ is for those who are shy and introverted; usually students who just arrived here from their home country may go through some difficult time adjusting to new culture, language, and schools. This ‘Buddy System’ will help students pretty well for getting along with new environment naturally.

Q. Can a student whose English skill is not great get along with regular class session?

A: This program is categorized into two programs; first, it is regular class session and the other is after school class. A student’s English level will be tested and the classes will be provided during after school program. Teachers in after school program understand all students’ level and help students to improve their English. For regular class sessions in school, students have real opportunities to learn English in regular school classroom setting with other American students. Students from foreign countries would not have hard time to participate this program.

Q. Where will the students stay during the camp?  

A: Students stay in a hotel near school. It is more comfortable and safe.   

Q. Transportation service from and to school?

A: A professional bus company will provide transformation service for the students.  Their bus will take students to a place where they need to go during the program.

Q. Lunch and Dinner catering service?

A: We provide Korean lunch to all students who attend any school in Boston Area. Students who attend school in Connecticut will have school lunch. Dinner for all students will be Korean food that students like to have the most.

Q. All students are required to take TB test in U.S?

A: Yes. It is mandatory for all international students. The students will take the test on the first day of the program and get checked up on the third day. The positive result of the test may affect on attending the program and may require the student to take a X-ray exam.  

Q. What kind of Health Insurance will be provided for participating students?

A: A participating student will be provided a health insurance plan. This plan will cover the entire period of the program. The detail coverage will be notified to all students.  

Q. Who will be mentors for students during the program?

A: They are current undergrad or graduate students from Harvard, MIT , other IVY League college and some prestigious private colleges in the United states.

Q. What can a student expect to gain from this winter schooling program?

A: This is a great opportunity for a student who is considering to study in the United States. They will come to realize what it really means to study abroad and how to adjust to a new environment. In Boston where people from the world meet with a purpose of getting a better education, students will be encouraged and motivated in their academics. This program will help student be a global minded person in the future.