We, BEW (Boston Education World), are very traditional and accountable educational institution that we guide and provide clear direction for many students to pursue higher education by entering top ranked colleges and universities including Ivy League schools throughout the United States. BEW provides excellent and high quality services in all academic subjects with professional teaching staffs and systematic teaching method. We also have lots of current and up to date SAT I sample tests and other sample exams so that students may experience progress day by day. We promise all students and parents will be content with services we provide.


One to one academic consulting: Daily class progress report and evaluation

All classes that we provide in our institution are particularly customized curriculum for all students. All contents of lesson plans, students’ behavior, preparation, grades, and home works are thoroughly evaluated and recorded. This evaluation is shared with parents and can be used as great resource for developing further academic planning. Since all these students’ data are recorded and kept separately, we can check and assist students’ most needs at any time.

Class Evaluation - sample

Providing daily study materials: Everyday SAT self-test

Students (grade 9 and up) and parents who register BEW receive SAT sample exams every day, Monday through Friday by emails from BEW. These sample exams consist of vocabularies and sentence completion for students to spend about two minutes every day; these exercises can be done any time frame during the day and repeated same vocabularies three times, so that students can improve their vocabularies every day. All these sample tests are collected and tested for many years and proven to many students improving their proficiencies.

Every day test - Sample

Training vocabulary: Instructive vocabularies for standardized test.

Based on 1000 words that appear regularly in SAT, TOEFL, ISEE, and SSAT, we provide fifty vocabulary words every day for students to study and be tested. We help students to study those words regularly by providing repeated practices and quizzes until they master them.

Words Test

Training Reading & Writing

We developed a program for students that consist of sixty sets each of Reading Comprehension and Writing; through this training program, students can study different patterns of tests and experience various intensities of exam. Interaction with professional tutors using this system will be practical preparation for SAT and at the same time beneficial for real life such as expanding scope of thinking, critical judgment, an ability to make decision precisely, and presenting ideas with clear logic.

Reading/Writing Test - sample

Providing Pretest and sample exams

For those who take SSAT, SAT I, II, and TOEFL, BEW provides sufficient opportunities for preparation of the tests; students have opportunities to discuss and analyze different contents of the exam with professional tutors. Through this exercises students are able to supplement their weak areas. For SAT exam, we provide very latest exams for practice, so that students may be familiar with current patterns of exam. We, BEW, provide services from the scratch to very detailed matters of all the process of preparation for exam; at the end it is not impossible for students to predict the final score of SAT through the services we offer.

SAT real Test - sample

National Exam Agency

BEW is one of designated agencies providing many different types of National exams. For example, we provide “American Mathematics Competitions” (AMC), “American Invitational Mathematics Examination” (AIME), National Latin Exam, and National Spanish Contest, Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) Test. We offer all necessary information and walk through specific steps for preparation of exams.
  • AMC 8
    AMC 8 is an abbreviation for American Mathematics Competition; any students who are in 8th grade and under can take this exam. The contents of the test are quite different from what regular students learn from school; there are lots of variation and modification in the test. This test is designed to motivate and challenge students who are talented and have special interests in mathematics, so that they can continue to develop their skills and expertise in this subject. 
    AMC 8 exam is held in our location every November. We also offer special classes starting every early summer for those who want to take the exam.
  • AMC  10 & 12
    AMC 10 is for students who are in 10th grade and under, and AMC 12 is for those who are in 12th grade and under. AMC 10 and 12 are held twice between in month of every January and February. Students can either take one or both tests during this time. If a student shows high performance in the test, then the student is qualified to take next level test, AIME. Like AMC 8, this test requires lots of preparation and practices in order to achieve high performance. Once a student proves his or her high competence in the test, then it will be a great advantage when the student applies for college especially for those who apply for science or engineers.
    Break during Christmas and Long weekend during the month of January is the best time for preparing this exam.
  • AIME  
    AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination) is only given to those who achieve outstanding performance from AMC 10/12; AIME consists of 15 questions with 3 hours time limit. This exam requires special talent and ability since it is the toughest math examination for high school students. Students who take AMC 10 must receive 120 points out of 150 which is top 2.5%, and 100 points out of 150 which is top 5% for those who take AMC 12 in order to be qualified to take AIME. We provide AIME every March in our location.
  • National Latin Exam
    This nationwide exam throughout the United States is supervised by University of Mary Washington and sponsored by American Classical League and The National Junior Classical League. Any students who take Latin class can apply for the exam; this exam is divided into seven different levels from introduction to Latin to Latin V-IV. Generally, the exam is held in every March; the dates may be fixed between March 12th and 16th starting from year 2012. We offer prep classes for those who want to take the exam during winter and spring break in February and March.
  • National Spanish Exam
    This exam is given to those students between 6th and 12th grade who take Spanish as a second language; this exam is designed to test students’ interest and ability of Spanish. 125,915 students took this exam in year 2010; the exam is held sometime every April, and we will start offering this exam in year 2012.
  • Secondary Level English Proficiency Test
    The Secondary Level English Proficiency Test (SLEP) measures the ability of non-native speakers to listen, understand and read in English. The SLEP contains multiple-choice questions of eight different types.

* Section 1: measures the ability to understand spoken English. The questions are based on samples of spoken North American English and test listening comprehension..
* Section 2: measures the ability to understand written English. Questions cover grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension.