Advantages of Boston Edu’s Winter Program
Students learn America and its culture by experiencing American school life. Staying with American teachers and friends over a month in U.S, students will be able to communicate in English and well prepared to study abroad in the future. Our program has been structured to allow students to actually feel that they have learned, in addition to experienced, life in an America school while allowing them to become excited about gaining knowledge.


Qualification of Participation

  • English Communicative skill
    • Must be able to hold basic English skills (Speaking, Listening, reading, and writing) in order  to participate regular classes.
    • Taking a placement test for after school program
    • Preparing and presenting Classroom Presentation in English
  • Ethics & Behavior
    • Follow all rules & regulations
    • Understand and cooperate each others in group setting
  • Patriotism & Globalism
    • Representing Korea while staying in the U.S.
    • Respect and understand other cultural differences
  • School Application
    • Individual Application process
    • Authenticity and clarity of application
    • Preparing required immunization form for schools

**After admission to U.S. school, extra cost may occur if it is requested by administration

BEW Caring service for all participants

Boston Edu provides extensive care service to all the students participating in the winter program.
  • 24 Hrs care services with Boston Edu’s staffs.
  • Medical services (Harvard Medical Center/Mass General Hospital)

*All students are required to have health insurance that covers the entire sessions of winter program
**All the medical, health and parental consent form must be completed prior to the program.

  • Nurse Practitioners in all schools
  • Assists students to get medical insurance in U.S. if needed
  • Legal services if needed (Professional Attorney)
  • Providing Consultant for students who wish to study in U.S.
  • Daily updates for Students’ evaluation via online 
  • Providing safe transportation for all activities outside the school.

BEW After School Program

  • Intensive English Classes
    • Intensive classes with current school teachers
    • Discussion oriented classes for creative and critical thinking
    • Group Project Competition and Awards
  • Experiencing Advanced U.S Education System
    •  Participate classes world’s best school
    • Top ranked Universities’ contribution to local community
    • Field Experienced with academic experts
  • Visiting U.S. Top ranked schools
    • Visiting the best private middle/high schools and colleges/universities
    • School tour by professional tour guide
    • Participating real classes and meeting with current/graduate students
  • Meeting Koreans right at the center of Education Mecca
    • Korean Students in IVY League schools
    • Lectured by well-known educators
    • Mentoring support

BEW Weekend Program

During the weekends, students are given opportunities to experience American culture. They take City Tour, Top U.S high school and college tour, and  symphony orchestra performance  in Boston, the city known for best educational place in the world. Through this experience they get to know more about American education system and its characteristic as well as life in America.  
  • Home stay Program
    • Staying weekend with school teacher’s family
    • Experiencing typical American family setting
    • Interesting and fun family oriented activities
  • Sports Tournament Program
    • Energetic Weekend sports and games
    • Lots of team games and amazing prizes!
    • Joining winter sports with other American students
  • Local Volunteer works
    • Volunteer works with local students
    • Searching other interesting and meaningful volunteer works
    • President’s awards for volunteer works
  • U.S. Historic treasury, Boston Tour
    • Boston, Mecca of U.S. History
    • The past, Present, and the future of U.S.
    • The center for World’s best Scholars

BEW Mentor Program

Boston Education’s most effective program, former elite graduates share their experience and give useful pointers for studying abroad.    
  • Program characteristics
  • Small group sessions for week.
  • Lectures by renowned speakers (Yale, Harvard, and other Ivy League graduates)
  • Elite student share experiences plus field trips
  • Preparing for a group presentation competition