Housing & Meals


All students participating in the summer program reside in a safe and modern hotel under 24-hour supervision of Boston World Education’s professional administrators and assistant staff.

  • Intercontinental-level deluxe hotel
  • 4 students per room
  • WiFi wireless internet service provided
  • Athletic facilities: Indoor fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts available
  • Meeting room & guest lobby
  • Hotel Laundry service



Meals are provided daily and are prepared by a local specialized Korean restaurant. Students choose the menu based on their preferences and menu changes every day.

  • Breakfast: Hotel courtesy breakfast _ Hotel
  • Lunch: Lunch buffet _ Camp
  • Dinner: Korean food _ Hotel


Free time

In the evening free time, students work on assigned group projects, individual studies, and diary writing. For effective class preparation, PA’s from top universities are available throughout the evening.

  • Group Project – Group projects assigned in weekday classes/ weekend group competition and presentation
  • Individual Study – Individual assignments in weekday classes/ homework from Korean school
  • Diary – journal writing in English