Academic Road Map

Choosing courses within a major is immensely significant in self development and determining a career path. Most schools share similar aspects within their basic programs, based on a standardized education. Yet, their in-depth programs reveal a variety of features that distinguish one school from another. Bostonedu recommends individualized curriculums much like the following examples:


Best Academic Course Plan for Humanity Major

Grade Subject 9th 10th 11th 12th
English British Lit World Lit (H) American Lit (H) AP English
Math Algebra 2 (H) Pre-Calculus (H) AP Calculus (BC) Multi-Calculus
Science Biology (H) Chemistry (H) AP Chemistry AP Biology
Language Latin 2 Latin 3 (H) AP Latin  
History Ancient History AP Euro History AP US History AP Art History
Other       AP Econ.
SAT II   Math 2C Chemistry / Latin /
US History / English
AP   European History Calculus BC /
Chemistry / Latin /
US History
English Lit. and
Language / Biology /
Economics / Art


Best Academic Course Plan for Math and Science Major

Grade Subject 9th 10th 11th 12th
English British Lit World Lit (H) American Lit (H) AP English
Math Algebra 2 (H) AP Calculus BC AP Statistics /
Topology /
AP Comp. Science
Science Biology (H) AP Chemistry AP Physics AP Biology /
AP Environment Science / Organic Chemistry
Language Latin 2 Latin 3 (H) AP Latin  
History Ancient History AP Euro History US History (H)  
SAT II Biology (9th) Math 2C /
Physics / English  
AP   Calculus BC / Chemistry /
European History
Physics C /
Statistics / Latin
English / Computer Sci. / Biology /
Environmental Sci.

Academic Grades

  • Academic Plan: Subject planning
    Successful admission planning
    Sets up a long term, step-by-step plan (3~6 years) for successful future admission
    Maps out the proper course choices and plans to maintain outstanding grades each school year
  • Establish effective communication routes with school
    Resolve tribulations of school life 
    Visits school at least twice a year, arranges meetings with every teacher, advisor, and dorm parents in order to gain a precise understanding of the student’s adjustment to school life and their academic success.

Managing School Life

  • Facilitates oversight through close and continuous contact with the school
  • Provides signature for various school trips, activities, and other release forms
  • Settles various school matters
  • Assists in purchasing supplies and food
  • Resolves problems that may arise from living in a dorm
  • Offers counseling to provide child with a healthy mind and body
  • Provides home and food during spring, summer, winter break and other vacation periods (Thanksgiving, Easter, and other long weekends)
  • Provides transportation to the airport and for other needs

Managing Extra-curricular Activities

  • Volunteer work and academic competitions
    • Academic competitions
      • Math (AMC, AIME, HMMT, IMO, USAMO, NEMC)
      • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
      • Writing (National Scholastic Arts & Writing Contest)
      • Music(Orchestra)
      • Art(Museum)
      • Economics(National Economics Challenge)
      • Various Sports competitions
    • Types of volunteer work
      Greater Boston Bank, homeless shelters, nursing homes. day care centers, Boston Marathon, Special Olympics, Cross Cultural Solution, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, food banks, and hospitals etc
  • Test prep management, guidance, and registration
    • PSAT/SAT 1, 2
    • WISC 3
    • AP/IB

Summer Program Management

Admissions to Selective Middle and High Schools

  • We offer assistance in choosing the right career path and proper school by analyzing each individual’s aptitude and academic grades
  • We offer assistance in school applications and essay revising
  • Interview guide
  • We solve common issues and obstacles that occur during admission
  • We take responsibility and provide assistance until the student is enrolled in school