Q. What is it mean to provide guardian service at Boston Education World?

A: A local guardian service provides all necessary professional supports for students’ academic and school life, extracurricular works, school processing, and etc. by the request of students’ parents.

Q. What are the BEW’s specific guardian services?

  • Course design: designing course road map in Middle/High school for college processing
  • Academic Grade: Analyzing each student’s strong and weak areas of study and give academic support
  • School life: Meet with teachers/advisors and give all necessary supports as if parents do.
  • Extracurricular works: Introduce and run many different programs and activities that enrich students’ career
  • Summer Program: Provide detailed consulting and help students to have meaningful and productive summer with lots of opportunities!
  • Middle/High School Processing: Help all the necessary entrance or transfer processing to upper schools.
  • Home-stay and Transportation: Provide Home-Stay for short/ long term staying during Vacation and long holiday break.

Q: What is the contract term for guardianship service?

A: It begins in September, new school year and ends following year at the beginning of summer vacation. Total duration of contract is about 9 months. If the contract is made after the regular school year, then pay for only those covered periods.

Q: What do guardians do when something emergency happen to students at school?

A: We inform schools officially that we are the local guardians for the students; school will inform us immediately when something emergency happen to students and school and we work together to bring the best solution.

Q: Are there any extra benefits when joining guardianship program?

A: All the students who receive our service of guardianship get certain discounts for individual and group tutoring classes; Students can participate many different contests and tests that are hosted by BEW; more opportunities are given to our students for volunteer and extracurricular works. Ultimately, we give the most practical, unique, and systematic road map for each individual for preparing colleges and universities.