Process to enroll

  • Step1 : Submit online Application & Fee
    Summit the online application. You must fill out all the parts with * mark. After completing the application, you must pay application fee (nonrefundable) to summit the application.
  • Step2: 1st Evaluation of application
    All the application papers would be evaluated by Boston Edu Program committee, and classified upon each appropriate school.
  • Step3: Submit all other documents (TOEFL, Immunization, Insurance)
    After the 1st admission decision, student must send all necessary paper works with deposit to enroll. They are health& medical forms, proof of health insurance, and consents forms required by schools.
  • Step4: 2nd Evaluation & admission letter
    School Admission Committee will review all the applications and notify the decision via E-mail.
  • Step5: School Deposit (Within 15 days of admission)
    All applicants will receive the admission letter from Boston Edu, and also be requested to pay 10% of nonrefundable deposit for securing their program position within 15days after that. 
  • Step6: Pay the remaining balance (At least one month before school starts)
    Prior to the start of the program, the remaining balance must be paid

 Payment Refund Policy

Because Boston Edu must hire staff and confirm space at its host schools long before the start of the Winter Exchange Program, we are unable to make program refunds to students who cancel after November 15th.

If a program is terminated or canceled, Boston Edu will consider the circumstances and may, in its sole discretion, issue a partial refund or credit.

** Application fee and Program Deposit are not refundable.