Q: What kind of students do schools consider as possible candidates for admission?

A: Schools evaluate not only academic records but also many other criteria in many different angle. School considers those as good applicants who have academic passion, are not afraid of challenging new curriculum, have strong and clear will, understand diverse community, know how to communicate and listen to others, enjoy team work, have self control in their lives, manage time well, love to express their thoughts in writing, participates in many different volunteer works, and etc.

Q: What are the average scores of school grade and SSAT who are accepted into top ranked high school?

A: It varies by schools. Most schools do not require minimum scores of school grade and SSAT. However, most students who are accepted have above average GPA and above 90% score of SSAT.

Q: Do all students have to take SSAT for High school entrance?

A: Students who apply for 9th and 10th grade have to take SSAT, and TOEFL for students from foreign country. Students who apply 11th and postgraduate level can take PSAT or SAT I as a replacement of SSAT. Some schools allow for students to take only TOEFL exam.

Q: What is an alternate way if a student is not able to visit school for interview?

A: A student can use phone or Skype for interview. However, it’s much better to show up in school for interview.

Q: Is Saturday interview possible?

A: It really varies by schools. Some schools that conduct the interview on Saturday only do a few times of interview during the semester.

Q: Is it better to prepare ‘Parent statement’?

A: Yes, it is. Admission committee members prefer parent statement because it explains some other details of earlier childhood of applicants such as background of living and characteristics. Usually many expert teachers can write letters of recommendation for students, but there are things that only Parents are aware of their children.

Q: Is it ok to submit extra letters of recommendation that are not required by the school?

A: It is sometimes reasonable to submit extra letters of recommendation in certain cases such as moving to different school within six months or having more than two extracurricular activities for a long time. Student needs to make sure it is reasonable to submit extra letters of recommendation when it’s necessary, not just trying to make up or substitute low scores of SSAT or school grade.

Q: Do all schools accept common application from TABS or SSATB?

A: Not really. Some schools only accept their own application while others accept Gateway application or TABS and SSATB; it really depends on school policy.

Q: Are there any schools providing financial aid program for international students?

A: Most schools do not provide financial aid to international students, but there are few schools providing limited form of financial aid to international students.

Q: If a student transfers to new school for grade 10 or above, does a student receive all the credits from previous school?

A: Most high schools accept transferred credits from previous school when a student transfers to new school. For examples, if a student took English in 9th grade in previous school, then the new school accepts the credit for 9th grade level English, and the student starts taking 10th grade level English. All other subjects apply the same rule.